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Whether you are installing wood floors, laminate floors, tile floors or stone floors, Floor and Decor carries the materials that you need to finish any project. From tools to heating systems, our wide selection and bargain prices will provide you with your dream flooring today.


Before you install any flooring, it is crucial that you take the right steps in floor preparation. This includes checking for flatness, ensuring that the subflooring is waterproof, and that all adhesive residue and other debris have been removed. If any cracks are present, they should be filled in.

To this end, we at Floor and Decor are proud to carry everything that you need for pre-installation prep. This includes sheet membrane and acrylic primers, concrete repair mixtures, waterproofing liners, fast setting patching compounds, and self-leveling underlayment. No matter what flooring you choose, improper preparation is a recipe for disaster.


Another important consideration in finishing your flooring project is tools. At Floor and Decor, we carry all the tools that you need for a professional looking floor installation. This includes portable flooring saws, spiral saw systems, tile docks and oscillating hand tools, as well as smaller tools such as blades, bits, sanding pads and pliers. If you really want to go all out, you can purchase a Bosch Wall/Floor Covering Laser, which will shine laser lines across your work surface to ensure that everything is perfectly straight.


Wood and laminate flooring installations require their own project finishing tools. Fortunately, our wood flooring company has assembled all of these in one convenient location.

Before the actual flooring is laid down, you will want to install an underlayment on top of your subfloor. This will provide a smooth surface on which to place your flooring, as well as satisfy all building codes. It will also help to muffle the sounds of footfalls. At Floor and Decor, our inventory consists of all of the top underlayment products including WhisperPad, Diamondstep, ComboFoam and Silent Warmth.

Additional products that we carry that are important to laminate or wood floor installations include glue adhesives, wood putty, sanding pads, air nailers, compressors and installation kits.

We also carry a number of wood stains. Beyond giving your flooring a pleasing color, these stains will penetrate deep into the pores of your flooring to both seal and protect it. In the interest of protecting your floor, use our felt floor protectors which can be installed on your furniture to prevent scuffs and scratches.

To keep your wood or laminate flooring looking its best, we suggest cleaning it frequently. To that end, we include all-surface floor cleaners, mops and cleaning pads in our inventory.


As a top quality glass tile store, ceramic tile store, and stone flooring provider, Floor and Decorís product selection includes a wide range of finishers for these floor installations. Our selection of products includes grout, caulk, mortar, sealers, buckets and tile adhesives.

We also carry a number of tools needed specifically for tile and stone flooring installations. These include trowels, putty knives, tile spacers, tile clips, grout floats and leveling wedges, which ensure that your installation goes without a hitch.

In the interest of your comfort, we can even provide you with knee pads. These will certainly be appreciated over long installations.


Have you ever gotten up in the morning and felt the chill of cold flooring against your bare feet? If so, a floor heating system may be just what you need. With a floor heating system, your stone or tile flooring will benefit from a nice even heat, which can be programmed using a thermostat. Our Laticrete Floor Warming Mats are easy to install and will be nearly undetectable underneath your flooring.


At Floor and Decor, we want you to be more than satisfied with your floor installation. That is why we stock everything needed to finish your flooring project. Our friendly staff is ready to listen to your concerns and provide recommendations if needed, ensuring that you have all of the knowledge needed to install your floor.

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