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Wall tile is a stylish and functional material to incorporate into your home’s design. With some basic maintenance, it can keep looking new for years.

The Finishing Touch of Wall Tile

Why choose wall tile for the finishing touch in your kitchen or bathroom? There are several benefits that make tile the ideal choice.

  • Resistance to Moisture - As you prepare for the task of a home remodel, moisture may not be the first thing you consider, but the moisture that occurs most often in a kitchen or bathroom could actually result in a buildup of mold. Certain types of tile, such as ceramic or sealed stone, absorb much less moisture than some traditional wall materials.Applying a sealant to the grout between tiles can help guard against mold.
  • Resistance to Odors - Using tiles can help prevent the absorption of odors in rooms in which they are used.
  • Durability - Resistance to staining and fading related to exposure to sunlight keeps tiles looking new for years. Cleaning tile to keep it in top shape is as easy as spraying on a standard cleaner and using a cloth or paper towel to wipe down the wall.

Wall Tile Makes for A Great Backsplash

Creating a stunning backsplash is just one of your options when it comes to using wall tile in your home. Installing a backsplash is a wise decision in terms of both aesthetics, as well as the preservation of your kitchen. Whether washing dishes or cooking a meal, some activities can get messy. A backsplash serves as a barrier between your sink or oven, and the wall.

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