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Wood Flooring

Solid and engineered hardwoods enhance the look of interior spaces while increasing the value of your home. These floors are contemporary, classic, elegant and timeless above all. Nature has provided homeowners with a multitude of options that can complement any homeowner's unique tastes. Smooth, closed-pored maple is perfect if you’re looking for a minimal level of patterning and an exceptional hardness rating. For homeowners who prefer a traditional look and robust warmness, red oak is the ideal choice. It's hard, durable and features a beautiful grain. These floors and many others can be finished in a variety of colors to suit any space. This flooring type is attractive, durable, easy to maintain and highly customizable.

Wood Flooring Benefits

When properly installed and maintained, wood flooring can last a lifetime. Unlike carpeting, these floors seldom need replacing, and they never harbor dust and allergens. If damage occurs, they can be sanded and refinished several times to restore their natural beauty. Most can be cleaned with a dry dust mop or damp cloth for easy maintenance. Flexible installation guidelines allow wood floors to be floated over, glued to or nailed to the sub-floor. They can even be installed over concrete. Their versatility is unparalleled. All species feature unique grain patterns that can be augmented with natural stains and are available in styles and colors to suit any home whether it's contemporary or traditional.

Hardwood Flooring Options

When selecting your floors, there are countless options for homeowners to consider. The most popular types are maple and oak followed by cherry, birch, hickory and walnut. However, exotic woods, such as Australian cypress, teak and koa, are also available. Brazilian cherry and hickory are two of the hardest species available. Northern rock maple is highly desirable and durable. This popular wood is used in bowling alleys, gymnasiums and on dance floors. Red oak and white oak are popular choices, and they are used in the majority of residential homes. Oak flooring features a tight grain and beautiful patterns that can be enhanced with stains. All of these species and many more are used to make engineered wood flooring.

Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is durable, aesthetically pleasing and affordably priced. This makes it an ideal compromise for anyone who wants the affordability of laminates and the durability of solid wood. Frequently confused with laminates, the wear layer in engineered floors is made from real hardwood. If you're considering this type of flooring, you should know that it has a great resale value comparable to true hardwoods. The wear layer on engineered floors ranges from .6 millimeters to six millimeters. Depending on the thickness, the wear layer can be refinished one to three times. The lifespan of engineered floors with a four millimeter wear layer can be upwards of 60 years. Each board contains three to 12 sheets that are cross layered and pressed, which produces superior strength and moisture resistance. Because they are pre-finished, they can be enjoyed immediately.

Green Flooring Options

Bamboo flooring and cork tiles or sheets are two of the greenest flooring options available. Both are highly attractive and exceptionally renewable. Bamboo is cultivated using minimal amounts of water and fertilizer and can be harvested in six years or less. Bamboo flooring is available in a wide range of colors, and some don't resemble bamboo at all. Stranded bamboo is one of the most durable options. This manufacturing method involves weaving bamboo fibers and pressing them together using pressure and heat. This produces an environmentally friendly, renewable floor. Vertical stranding maintains the classic bamboo look while horizontal stranding mimics the appearance of a regular wood floor.

There are so many choices, colors, styles and floor materials available that it's easy to be overwhelmed. Fortunately, Floor & Decor has a comprehensive selection of flooring materials at competitive prices. Buyers will also find kits, installation supplies, adhesives and complementary moldings to match your floor perfectly. Take a minute to view the entire selection, and you'll find the perfect floor for your home.

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Wood Flooring