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  • Heated Flooring: A Must Have for Your Bathroom

    Where is spring? That is what I’ve been asking myself over the last couple weeks. Usually by now in the south, we are experiencing spring like weather in the 60s. Not only has it been cold and windy with lows in the upper 20s, but I even saw snow flurries this week! Definitely not my idea of spring. That’s why I’m glad we went the extra step of installing a heated flooring system in our newly remodeled bathroom....

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  • How to Choose the Right Tile for Small Spaces

    It is funny that bathrooms, the smallest rooms in the home, can be the most intricate and so involved with such a small space. My fiance did an outstanding with electrical and plumbing work in our newly remodeled master bathroom. But there was plenty of tile work involved as well. Here, I'll discuss choosing the right tile for all the areas of your bathroom....

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