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  • Decor Idea: Wood on Walls

    Paint is a bit passe, wouldn't you agree? Want to add some pizzazz to your walls? Why not consider wood wall planks? These wall planks come in a variety of colors and you can do so much with them....

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  • Floor Prep: Don't Overlook the Screws

    We all know the difference between screws and nails. The design of nails is sharp with flat sides, whereas screws have ridged sides. These ridges are what make it easier to adhere to than nails. This might be obvious, but this small difference when installing flooring can make a huge difference in years to come....

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  • Ramp Up Outdoor Entertaining

    It is always fun to gather your friends and family, but the summer months seem to pull people together more than any other time of year. What's really nice about summer entertaining is that you can host so many people comfortably in your yard. Here are some suggestions for making your backyard an entertaining destination....

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  • How To Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

    I've not kept it a secret how much I love the outdoors. In the south, we are lucky to have mild weather in the spring and fall months. I already wrote about constructing your perfect outdoor space. So, why not take full advantage and create your own outdoor kitchen?...

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