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  • Kitchen Trends for 2014

    Lighten Up! It seems that dark woods and dark colors paired with stainless steel appliances were the trend for quite some time. But that seems to be on its way out in the coming years. Now the trend, at least in kitchens, is light and bright colors. Kid friendly cabinets and storage are also a burgeoning trend. I guess this is because the food trend, for people of all ages, is huge right now....

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  • Pantone Color of 2014 is Radiant Orchid

    The Pantone color of 2014 has been announced. The color of choice for 2014 by Pantone is Radiant Orchid. This beautiful shade "is exotic and has a beguiling charm. It also encourages us to innovate," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, which bills itself as "the world-renowned authority on color."...

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  • What's New with Bamboo

    Have you been in on the fence about installing new wood flooring in your home but not sure what was the right choice? Instead of hardwoods, you might want to consider Bamboo flooring. Bamboo isn't a wood at all but a grass. But don't misinterpret this for weakness. Bamboo is extremely strong. Stranded Bamboo flooring is 3 times harder than North American Red Oak, and even harder than Brazilian Cherry....

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  • Reflection: Glittery Grout

    Grout has come a long way from what it once was. It used to be that the difficult part of a redesign would be choosing tile, but now we are faced with a myriad of choices for grout too. Besides the normal grout we've all come to know, there's also a premixed grout that is stain and crack resistant, plus a glittery grout called Reflection. This fancy grout contains glass to give it a shimmery appearance....

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