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  • Shades of Gray: New Color Trend In Decor

    Earlier this year, Pantone announced its color of the year was Radiant Orchid. So, you may be wondering why gray is now part of the color scheme. Well, last year was dominated by very bold colors, but this year we've seen (according to many designers) a return to a more neutral palette, with Radiant Orchid being more of an accent color. Instead of the neutral palette focusing on browns and beiges, it is now more shades of gray....

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  • Unconventional Home Improvement Projects

    I'm so glad spring is right around the corner, aren't you? And doesn't that seem like the time of year when we all start thinking about renovations and home improvement projects? I was perusing the Buzzfeed site and came across an article that talked about all kinds of cool and interesting home improvement projects that are really neat ideas for home improvement. They had a bunch, but I wanted to share some of my top pics here....

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