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  • Homeowner Makeover: A Light and Bright Bathroom

    I love room makeovers. So I jumped at the chance to talk with one homeowner, Stephanie, who recently completed her own renovation. Her Miami bathroom was looking pretty glum and definitely didn't reflect her great sense of style. She's an apparel designer by day, and her family also owned a furniture design business. So she has definitely been immersed in the design world for quite some time. Stephanie used her keen eye to transform her dreary bathroom into a light, bright retreat. Read on to learn how she did it and get her tips for other homeowners considering a renovation!...

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  • The Price is Right: Tile Edition

    If you have dipped your toe in the DIY or home renovation pool, no doubt you are aware of the seemingly endless tile options available. You’ve also likely noticed that the price of tile can vary widely. Here, we’ll demystify what goes into a tile’s final price so that you can make the best decision for your home renovation....

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  • Give Your Tile a Face Lift

    You might be surprised at what a little work around the house can do to spruce up appearances. New throw pillows for the couch or a new bedspread can really brighten up a room. Believe it or not, there are flooring projects you can do around the house that take little effort. One example is refreshing your grout color. You may not notice it, but over time, grout gets discolored and dirty....

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