MDF 0445 15mm x 3 1/4in. x 12ft. Casing

Size: 15mm x 3 1/4in. x 12ft. |

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$13.99 /piece

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15mm x 3 1/4in. x 12ft.
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Baseboards and baseboard trim, such as MDF 0445 15mm x 3 1/4in. x 12ft. Casing, are necessities for every flooring project. Base moldings provide a smooth transition from floor to wall and add a professional look to your project!

Casing molding is used to create the frame on the wall for a doorway or window.

All baseboards and baseboard trims are sold by the linear foot in 8-foot increments and come in 16-foot pieces. As a service to you, your baseboards are cut in the store at the time of your order. There is a minimum of an 8-foot purchase required.

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