Rustic Style

Posted on Oct 2, 2014 by Malika

What kind of stone gives the rustic charm that we associate with a quaint European village? Natural stone like travertine and even slate tile lends itself to the rustic appearance. While slate can be a bit tricky to walk on indoors (it has layers that heels or other shoes could get caught on), travertine doesn’t.

Travertine has a beautiful color variance in tiles of the same family as well as frayed edges that make it the focal point of any room it is used in. My recommendation? Match travertine with a Versailles (random look) pattern for a completely stunning, yet rustic look.

Ledger panels first became popular for use in patios. The rustic appearance fits perfectly with outdoors. But the rustic look has a certain appeal for indoors as well. The 3-dimensional look offers an appealing texture too. They’ve also become quite popular for fireplaces, bringing a fresh look to old and outdated designs.

Wondering where else they can be used? Bathrooms, kitchens or even an accent wall. Consider it for a kitchen backsplash. It would really complement granite counters well, for both kitchen or bathroom. The best approach is to coordinate these pieces with other stone or wood. On a room with hardwood flooring, the ledger panels around a fireplace give the room a trendy yet cozy appearance.

It goes without saying that scraped hardwoods are really the heart of the “rustic” appearance. This flooring option does provide a beautiful look. But if perhaps you want a flooring option that requires less maintenance or one that you can install in a bathroom and not worry about any water damage. Take a look at wood plank porcelain.
    Wood plank porcelain
  • You’ll want to try to get small grout lines to make the tile look as close to real wood as possible. This kind of porcelain tile is designed just for that.
  • Speaking of grout lines, matching the color of the tile as close to the grout is rather important too.
  • If you are installing the wood plank porcelain tiles in a bathroom (somewhere where you will be barefoot a decent amount of time) you might want to consider heated floors.
One of the things I really like about the wood plank porcelain is that it comes in so many color choices and styles. You aren’t limited to just a handful. They come in all kinds of looks from modern, traditional, rustic and more.