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Designer Spotlight: Marie

Marie has worked in wildly different areas of design since the start of her career. See how her diverse work background has helped her create amazing designs for her Floor & Decor customers.

How long have you worked in interior design?

I have been involved in one aspect of design or another for years. I first worked in magazine and media layouts, then as set and scene designer for commercial photography. I worked with composition as a professional photographer for almost 17 years, so interior design was really an extension of my eye for composition and color.

How would you describe your personal style?

Eclectic – even as a kid in middle school, I used to say that if I could one day afford multiple homes, I would decorate them all differently. Needless to say, I live vicariously through each of my customers and enjoy channeling different design styles through their projects.

How do you stay on top of trends?

I have always loved traveling. While I am by no means a jetsetter, I do use the internet and travel shows to scratch that itch. My interest in the study of various cultures has informed my sense of design.

Each region of the world brings with it a unique flavor and experience. Drawing from these influences in style, color pallets, décor, and architecture is just an extension of my interest. I find many customers enjoy creating little vacation-inspired themes into their homes. A bathroom that gives a nod to their favorite destination or draws aspects of the old world into their otherwise traditional home creates something that feels unique to them.

What looks are you really excited about right now?

Interior design is currently going through a cycle of rediscovery, so we’re seeing a lot of transitional looks and regional looks. Modern farmhouse is one of the most popular transitional styles that’s requested, and I get a lot of Mediterranean spaces that take after the Spanish hacienda or French veranda.

Personally, I love that new designs are incorporating the large format tiles, or bold looks that use pops of color. Large format tile can make a room seem more spacious, while the use of color is just a nice breath of fresh air after the monochromatic look that dominated spaces.

What’s the best part about being a Floor & Decor Design Consultant?

We get to be brand ambassadors for Floor & Decor and live vicariously through every design we create! Nothing better than doing what we love and knowing that we are helping our customers surpass their design goals.

Any tips and pointers for those working on projects of their own?

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