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The Big Picture: Wider, Longer Planks

Beautiful hardwood floors are a classic staple in any home, but planks in wider widths and longer lengths can make a big impression. We’re seeing more spaces with this innovative and new possibilities, and the planks are creating all types of looks!

What are Wider Widths and Longer Lengths?

Anything bigger than 3 inches in width is typically classified as that “wider width” style, while anything longer than 9 feet would be classified as that “longer length.”

The planks of the Quest Brazillian Pecan Smooth Engineered Hardwood above are about five inches wide and twelve feet long.

How Can I Use Wider Widths and Longer Lengths?

You can use bigger sizes of planks can enhance the design any look—with fewer lines between the planks, wider widths and longer lengths can give the room the illusion of having more space.

You can also use wide-width planks where you want to focus on the look of wood—since the plank is wider, you get to see more of the natural wood grain. This is especially great for wood floors that have a higher variation of colors, like LifeScapes Natural White Oak Brown Engineered Hardwood

What Styles Can I Use the Bigger Sizes In?

What’s great about wider width and longer length wood plank floors is that you can use them for any style space! They can create drama in a modern space, or they can add a rustic touch–it all depends on what color and finish you choose! A dark hue with a smooth finish like the Eco Forest Patina Cherry Smooth Engineered Bamboo is perfect for a modern look, while a hand scraped look like the Shaw Freedom Trail Maple Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood can be used in traditional spaces.

Is There Anything I Have to Do Differently for Larger Planks?

Nope! Wider width and longer length planks can still be installed in all of the classic methods, so you don’t need anything extra for your in-home installation.

They’re also just as easy to maintain! Simply sweep or vacuum any debris, and use a cleaner made for hardwood to clean up any spills.

Plus, since solid and engineered hardwood floors are available in different plank sizes, you can still use the How to Shop For Hardwood Guidewhen you’re trying to find the type of flooring that right for you.

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