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If You Like the Modern Look, You’ll Love Modern Farmhouse

The modern style and farmhouse style are appealing in their own unique ways. The modern look heavily relies on neutrals and industrial accents in a minimalist approach while farmhouse features natural materials and hints of rustic style with eclectic details.

While each of these looks fall on either side of the style spectrum, we’re seeing the revolution of a transitional style known as modern farmhouse. All of the elements that people love in both looks are coming together to create a style that can be found everywhere from Pinterest and Houzz. We’ve collected the essentials of modern farmhouse that you can use yourself so you can make the easy transition.

A palette of neutral colors like beige, ivory, navy, gray, or shades of white will give the look its foundation in both modern and modern farmhouse. The lightest shade should make up 60% of the scheme while the boldest—blue, green, purple, or whichever color you choose–should take up 10% and create the accents featured in the room. With this strategy, you can draw attention to unique details without using too much decor.  Here, the Coastal Beach White Ceramic Tile creates the tall backsplash, while the Montage Neptune Herringbone Mosaic draws attention to the height of the ceiling.

Industrial accents like reclaimed wood, cement tile, or exposed brick-look tile are reminiscent of both city factory spaces and old rustic homes. These pieces can be used to build an accent wall or kitchen backsplash, or they can be used on the floor of your modern farmhouse space. Here, cool-toned Legno Blanco Ceramic Tile on the wall brings the accents of the farmhouse look into an urban factory loft space.

Natural materials are taking the stage in both farmhouse and the new modern, so the look of wood is what will help you effortlessly transition your space in the modern farmhouse look. Hand scraped wood and high-variation wood are both good choices for the look. Keep a good balance of natural materials and industrial accents in your space so you maintain that transitional style. Here, the industrial accents and the brick-look tile floors with Alta Crema Brick Tile, reminiscent of the modern look, take the stage, but the Dimensions Barndoor Wall Plank each soften look and bring it closer to farmhouse again.

To maintain the “modern” in modern farmhouse, keep decor minimal. By focusing on the “less is more” look, you’ll maintain a sense of harmony in the blend of the two styles. In this open space, the decor is contained to three corners of the room so space between the ceiling and floor is free and peaceful while it still maintains its own quirky personality. Plus, with the minimal decor, the Eco Forest Dolpino Antique Stranded Bamboo on the ceiling gets to draw attention to the amount of space in the room.

If you want to transform your space from the modern look to the new modern farmhouse, a design expert at your local Floor & Decor can help with the free design services. The designer can look at inspiration you found on Pinterest or our Inspiration Center and pictures of your space, and offer design possibilities that will help you transition from one look to the other.