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What does wear layer mean?

Wear layer refers to the extra layer of protection on vinyl flooring which enhances the durability of the product. Luxury vinyl wear layers are traditionally measured in mils, one-thousandth of an inch, not to be confused for millimeters. The thicker the wear layer or the higher the mil measurement, the more durable the vinyl flooring will be. To determine the wear layer of your desired product, visit the product page and look for “Wear Layer” in the Specifications chart.

Note: Some products do not have a traditional wear layer and instead have highly effective finishes or coatings, like Techtanium Plus, for maximum protection against wear, stains, and damages. The industry-leading Techtanium Plus surface protection layer is proprietary to Floor & Decor and is featured on NuCore Performance luxury vinyl plank and OptiMax Eco-Resilient flooring. Techtanium Plus is different from a traditional wear layer and cannot be measured in mils. Floors reinforced with Techtanium Plus' supreme protection are the ideal flooring solution for busy homes and commercial spaces and helps protect floor surfaces reset from scuffs, scratches, fading, and stains—even from pets!

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