Rubi Slim System Cutter

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Rubi Slim System Cutter is a hand cutting system with connectable guides for large format porcelain, between 1/8 in. & 5/16 in. thick.

• Cutting capacity of 122 in. (310cm) extendable as needed with additional guides.
• Facilitates a straight cut without deviations.
• Offers high quality performance.
• Progressive separation of the material, reducing the risk of breakage.
• With silicone cords incorporated in the guides at its base and the fixing suction pads, the Slim System guarantees accurate straight cuts without deviation.
• Tungsten carbide roller with titanium treatment bearing of 7/8 in. to offer a high performance and quality cut.
• Separation system, by means of adjustable pincers, which ensure a gradual separation of the tile, thus reducing risk of breakage.
• The set consists of: 3 guides of 43 in., 1 roller guide with extreme scoring wheel with bearings 7/8 in. and shaft for rough surfaces, 1 scoring wheel 7/8 in. and for smooth surfaces, 2 spreader pincers, 2 suction pads and reinforced nylon carrying case.

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