MDF L163E 14mm x 5 1/4in. x 12ft. Base

Size: 14mm x 5 1/4in. x 12ft. |

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14mm x 5 1/4in. x 12ft.
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Baseboards and baseboard trim, such as MDF Oak L163E 14mm x 5 1/4in. x 12ft. Base, are necessities for every flooring project. Base moldings provide a smooth transition from floor to wall and add a professional look to your project!

The base molding is the board covering the bottom of the interior wall, in the joint where the wall and the floor meet. Base is commonly used in installation of hard surface flooring to cover expansion gaps in wood/laminate flooring or to cover the cuts when installation of tile or stone has occurred.

All baseboards and baseboard trims are sold by the linear foot in 8-foot increments and come in 16-foot pieces. As a service to you, your baseboards are cut in the store at the time of your order. There is a minimum of an 8-foot purchase required.

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