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Glass and Decoratives

Making your home more enjoyable can be as simple as adding a new style of glass or ceramic tile to areas needing a colorful, artistic and practical boost. At Floor & Decor we work hard to provide our customers with a selection of tiles designed to go on easy and make an instant impact. We invite you to visit our glass tile store and see just how tile only 8 mm thick can add so much to the overall appearance of your home. From kitchen backsplashes to bathroom decor, remodeling with any of our tile collections can add the kind of spark that improves a home's value.

Among the many styles of glass tiles we offer customers are mosaic tiles. These attractive, functional tiles come in a variety of designs and colors. For instance, brown mosaic glass tiles could make your shower a real show piece. Or consider using black glass tile to perk up the appearance of your swimming pool. Examine the wide selection of glass tiles we have in stock and leave your mind open to possible mixes of designs and colors that can be used in any number of household areas.

Let our experienced staff help you make the choices that best satisfy you and yours. They can introduce you to glass mosaic tiling that fits your taste and budget. Polished Bianco glass brick mosaic, a Floor & Decor exclusive, brings a certain panache to wherever it is installed. The real beauty of these polished glass bricks is that they can be given a prominent role in virtually any part of the house. It's easy to imagine following up the installation of the glass bricks in the kitchen to add the same or different colored mosaic glass tiles in other rooms.

Glass mosaic tiling can be seen as an adventure in color and design, or appreciated as a subtle mix of elegant form and rugged functionality. Blended glass mosaic tiles are suitable for just about any place inside or outside the house. They can be used to accent your bath or shower area. They can also be pictured dramatically projecting the warmth and glow of a fireplace. One of the designs we offer includes mosaic glass tile blends that are available in sky blue and black with clear tiles. They also come with smooth and cracked pieces of white marble. No matter the color or design, you can count on our selection of mosaic tiles to fulfill your purpose to beautify your home.

The ease of installation for glass tiles is personified by Floor & Decor's Deep Blue Sea mixed mosaic glass tiles. These blended mosaics do well indoors or out. They are available as a 5/8 inch by 5/8 inch tile on a mesh mount that makes putting it in place a snap. A large number of our customers are individuals looking to spruce up the old homestead. The easy installation of mesh mount attached tiles makes them an instant expert on how to get the job done.

One glass mosaic tiling category is the striking Arctic Ice design. It comes with a light green brick design and can be used anywhere a modern touch is deemed appropriate, especially as a bathroom accent or for a kitchen backsplash. These glass bricks come as a 1 inch by 2 inch interlocking tile also attached to a mesh mount.

Mosaic tile art runs the gamut in design from classical to modern. Crafted by using small pieces of marble, glass, stone or pottery, the pictures or grids of mosaic tiles lend an attractive aura wherever they are installed. Our mosaic tiles are hand selected exclusively to be part of our Floor & Decor Casa Antica Brand. We know that any glass mosaic tiling you select is the best in both design and price.

Our collection of mosaic glass tiles exceeds any other. We have more than 50 different mosaic glass tiles to offer. This provides our customers with the opportunity to choose single patterns or mix and match as desired. We strive at all times to offer you the best mosaic glass tiles at 60 to 70 percent below designer store prices. Remodel your home with Floor & Decor.

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