Global Responsiblitiy

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 seeks the elimination of slavery and human trafficking from product supply chains and requires that companies disclose their efforts to ensure that their supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking.

Floor and Decor’s Vendor Buying Agreement states as follows:

The Merchandise was not produced using any child, slave, prison or forced labor or any factory involved with human trafficking, and all people involved in the production of the Merchandise were of working age and were paid a fair wage in accordance with applicable Legal Requirements.

In addition, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides:

Protecting Human Rights

F&D does not condone or permit the use of child, forced or involuntary labor in any of our operations. We will only do business with suppliers and other business partners who have a similar commitment to human rights. We expect our suppliers to treat their employees with dignity and respect and to provide them proper pay and a clean, safe and healthy workplace. Any F&D employee that has information or knowledge that a supplier is engaged in any violation of these principles should report it immediately to the General Counsel or the Employee Concern Line.

Finally, we have a Vendor Code of Conduct, which states that “Vendors must not use any form of involuntary labor including forced, prison, indentured, bonded, slave, or human trafficked labor.”

We confirm compliance through a variety of methods, including on-site visits of vendors by Floor and Decor personnel and by independent third-party visits, which have been announced on short notice and may be unannounced in the future. Floor and Decor has a checklist for site visits by its personnel, which asks its employees to report any sign of child or forced labor at any vendor facilities.

If we became aware of any actions or conditions not in compliance with these standards, we would take appropriate remedial action. Specifically, Floor and Decor also reserves the right to terminate an agreement with any vendor who does not comply with Floor and Decor’s Vendor Buying Agreement, and we would also consider other measures such as increased training, increased auditing, disciplinary action and/or reporting to the relevant authorities.

Floor and Decor regularly evaluates and develops other initiatives to maintain internal accountability and mitigate the risk of human trafficking within the supply chain of our products.