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Give your rooms new dimension with extra-long laminate flooring. This innovative flooring product gives you a way to make your rooms distinctive and create a customized layout. The extra-long length of the boards give each room its own style and artistic look.

Extra-long laminate is a type of laminate in which the planks are longer than most traditional laminate planks. This variety has planks that typically range from 60" - 72" long laminate flooring, all designed to be installed in the same room. The multi-width flooring gives the floor a unique visual appeal.

Regardless of your home's style there is sure to be an extra-long laminate flooring that fits your space. It comes in a variety of colors and board thicknesses and can be water resistant as well. Most extra-long flooring can be installed across approximately 4000 square feet without the need for transition molding. Many of the varieties can be installed above or below grade and come with a lifetime residential or fifteen-year commercial warranty.

Extra-long laminate flooring is available in a multitude of colors from gray and blond to deep brown. The soft grays and lighter woods are perfect for modern and bright homes, while the darker colors are ideal for traditional, elegant spaces. Regardless of the style, extra-long flooring is very durable. It withstands high amounts of traffic, making it ideal for homes with pets and children.

Features of Long Length Laminate Flooring

  • Quality Construction - Built with the highest manufacturing standards, you'll get a quality product that offers functionality and style.
  • An Attractive Look - The longer length of the boards gives an added dimension to your rooms and makes each layout unique.
  • Detailed Design - You can select deep, rich colors, realistic wood grain patterns and textured surfaces that have an authentic look.
  • Durability - This flooring is ideal for high traffic areas and can withstand moisture.
  • Easy Installation - Installing extra-long laminate is a great DIY project.