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Accent Your Home With Decorative and Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are great for more than just checking your reflection—they make the perfect decor piece for bathrooms, bedrooms and more. A well-placed mirror can make a space feel larger and add a touch of elegance to any room. You’ll find a wide selection of medicine cabinet mirrors for above your vanity, arched mirrors, and round mirrors right here at Floor & Decor.

Order Stylish Mirrors for Bathrooms, Bedrooms, and Living Spaces

Find the best and most extensive selection of beautiful mirrors right here at Floor & Decor. Whether you're looking for a medicine cabinet mirror to add more storage to your bathroom, or you’re looking for on-trend round mirrors to elevate your living room design, we have all of the products and installation materials you need.

  • The widest selection of mirrors, always available and ready to be shipped
  • Multiple colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes to choose from
  • The best prices on every product
  • Quality customer care and trusted shipping and returns policies

Browse our full range of mirrors and place your order today with Floor & Decor.

Mirrors Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a bathroom mirror be hung on the wall?

The height of your bathroom mirror will depend on where it is hung and how large the mirror is. Ideally, if the mirror is hung above your vanity, it should be hung 5-10 inches above the tallest point of your vanity faucet. You’ll also want to consider your bathroom light fixtures—will they be hung above your mirror, to the sides of your mirror, or on the ceiling above?

What kinds of mirrors are best for bathrooms?

When shopping for wall mirrors for the bathroom, it’s important to keep in mind that the moisture will place extra demands on materials. Wood and specific metals could be damaged by moisture if not sealed correctly—that being said, it’s important to ensure the mirror you’ve selected is specially designed to withstand bathroom environments. At Floor & Decor, our bathroom mirrors are made as durable as they are stylish, and we provide a variety of designs that are best for use in bathrooms and above vanities, including medicine cabinet mirrors and elongated arched mirrors.

What are the standard wall mirror sizes?

A standard size for a wall mirror is approximately 24x24 to 24x36 inches. When choosing a mirror for your vanity, it’s typical for the mirror to be 2–4 inches narrower than the vanity.