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Once your new wood floor is installed, you will need a few wood finishing supplies to make your project complete. Wood filler and laminate fillers can be used to cover any noticeable nail holes. Simply find the wood filler or laminate filler that closest matches the color of your floor. Use a small amount of the laminate flooring filler (or wood filler) to push into the hole, flush with the wood and then let dry. Once the wood filler or laminate filler is dry, simply sand very lightly, without damaging the plank.

Whether you are installing a wood or laminate floor we have all the wood finishing supplies you need to make sure your project looks beautiful and professional. If you are installing a tile or stone floor, we also carry floor finishing supplies to complete your flooring project. Remember, with the right tools and the right floor finishing supplies you can transform the look of your home in as little as a weekend, and we can help.