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Waterjet tile is an intricately cut tile that was once much more expensive. However, with updates in technology creating intricate and detailed tile patterns has become easier, and waterjet tile is now a more affordable option for any home.

Waterjet cut tile has the same durability and ease of maintenance as other tile, and when in a waterjet mosaic tile sheet is also easy to install. Waterjet tile comes in a variety of materials including glass, porcelain, ceramic, marble, and more.

Whether your aesthetic is classic, elegant, sleek, relaxed, or modern there is a waterjet cut tile sure to fit your space. Waterjet tile can be used on walls as shower surrounds or kitchen backsplashes. Waterjet mosaic tile makes a stunning fireplace tile or tub enclosure.

Utilizing the technology of waterjet cut tile now allows anyone to get a detailed and faceted tile at a fraction of what costs used to be. Tile patterns are single colors for a monochromatic feel or multi-color for a dramatic one. Regardless of your home’s style, waterjet tile is sure to make a statement.