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Before you begin your tile flooring project, chances are you will need a few tools to get you started. At Floor and Décor, we have all the tile flooring tools you need to complete your project from start to finish.

If you need to remove your old tile, you may require some grout removal tools. These grouting tools help you remove pesky old grout without damaging the subfloor underneath. Grouting tools also help you put the new grout in when you are installing the new tile. These tile grout tools include a grout float, which is designed to spread grout evenly across the tile gaps. Grout finishing tools ensure that you can get a professional look on your tile project.

Another set of tile flooring tools you may need when completing your project are floor tile cutting tools. Oftentimes you will need to cut smaller tile pieces to fit into weird corners or even the floor’s edge. A tile scoring tool can help you make a more precise edge when cutting a portion of the tile off. You simply take the tile scoring tool and create a line where you want to cut prior to snapping off the section of tile.

To help complete your project use a flooring trowel or tile trowel when adding the mortar or thinset underneath the tiles above the underlayment. A flooring trowel allows you to grab a thick mound of thinset and spread it evenly on the underlayment prior to laying the tile. Use the tile trowel to add the mortar in small sections adding the tiles as you go.

Lastly, after you have laid the tile you will want to caulk any joints or where any tiles of two types of materials meet. A good caulk gun is essential to get the caulk from the caulk tube onto your desired surface.

No matter what type of tile project you are doing, Floor and Decor has the tools to get you from start to finish.