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Perfect Vinyl Floors That Look Like Wood

Luxury vinyl flooring can blend in or stand out, depending on your preference. Make a statement for today or stay low-key with a more conventional look that will remain timeless throughout the years with wood look vinyl flooring. This type of flooring can be impressive and understated at the same time, keeping your home fashion forward and elegantly classic.

Wood look vinyl flooring resembles the craftsmanship of wood, with knots and graining built into the vinyl. Color variations add depth and elevate the look of the whole room. The wood look vinyl comes in both thin and wide planks, as well as light and dark shades. There are options you can grout as well and planks that come with backing attached. Vinyl floors that look like wood can be waterproof or water-resistant and have a rigid core that will make it more durable and keep the ambient noise of footfalls down.

FBecause of their durability, wood look vinyl planks are a great choice for homes or commercial spaces. They withstand high foot traffic and can hold up to both children and pets. Regardless of whether your home is traditional, modern, or transitional there is a wood look vinyl floor that suits your space and your wallet.

Vinyl Wood Floor Frequently Asked Questions

Is vinyl wood flooring good?

Vinyl wood is a very good flooring option. They are highly resistant to scratches, dents, and water. It is low maintenance and on average lasts longer than traditional hardwood floors.

Do vinyl planks scratch easily?

Vinyl planks are very resistant to scratches, chips, and dents. Vinyl floors are an excellent option for homes with pets and young children as they are very easy to keep clean.