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The Finishing Touch

In order to complete some tiling projects, you will want to add finishing trim. These pieces include bullnose tile trim and pencil tile trim. Essentially, they are thin tile that serve as edging or borders to your tiling project to give it a beautiful edge and completely finished look.

Tile Trim for Every Room!

Wall trim tile pieces and finishing trim are great for kitchen backsplashes and shower wall tiling in the bathroom. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials that fit both traditional and modern tastes and often have matching standard tile. Another place finishing trim is recommended is around the edge of a tub that has been tiled. These pieces elevate the look any project by concealing the raw edges of the standard tile around them. Pieces like tile pencils can be used to create attractive borders or outlines to make a break in the tile design. They provide a nice, raised edge for your tile.

Finishing pieces, like edging, corners, and molding, can be found in both porcelain and ceramic tile trim. Like their complementing standard tile, bullnose tile trim and pencil tile trim are easy to clean and durable. Their care and maintenance is fairly simple and the moisture resistance makes them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and even mudrooms. It’s the perfect complement to projects.

Frequently Asked Tile Trim Questions:

Can you add tile trim after tiling?

It is possible to add tile trim after tiling is complete. This process will involve precise measurements to ensure the tile trim lines up well with the existing tile.

Are tile trims necessary?

Tile trim is necessary in most cases except when tile meets flush against other surfaces. Ensuring your tile edge comes to a straight, clean line will go a long way in the overall look of your tile design. Tile trim is also recommended to seal against moisture.

How does tile trim work?

A tile trim is used to finish the edge of a tiled area. Areas in which the tile doesn’t meet flush against other surfaces will look rough and jagged without tile trim. Additionally, corners are another area in which tile trim will assist in providing a clean finish.