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AquaGuard Performance Tech

Style meets power with AquaGuard Performance wood-based laminate flooring. With premium waterproof protection, AquaGuard Performance is ideal for everyday spills in busy households. It’s kid-friendly, pet-friendly, dent and scratch resistant flooring that’s quick and easy to clean. Plus, AquaGuard Performance comes with a lifetime residential and 20-year commercial warranty. Defend your home from life’s spills with the next evolution of laminate flooring.

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Durable and Dependable Flooring

AquaGuard ® Performance is waterproof wood-based laminate flooring with ultimate durability. With an AC-5 wear rating, AquaGuard ® Performance is scratch- and dent-resistant as well as kid- and pet-friendly. This stylish wood-based laminate is quick and easy to clean. Backed by a lifetime residential and 20-year commercial warranty, AquaGuard ® Performance is perfect for any room, including kitchens, bathrooms, offices and sunrooms. It's ideal for commercial and residential installation in large areas without transitions. Defend your home from household spills and accidents with Floor & Decor's waterproof laminate, AquaGuard ® Performance.

Any Design for Any Room

Choose from a wide variety of AquaGuard® Performance laminate flooring options. Floor and Decor offers a large selection of style options including Mountain Valley, Cocoa, Foxtail Oaks, Sage Creek, Kingsbridge, Robinwood, and many more! No matter what room or aesthetic, we are sure to have flooring that fits your style!

Ease of Installation

AquaGuard waterproof laminate flooring is quick and simple to install. Begin with a layer of underlayment that covers the full area you are trying to install. Once your underlayment is installed, you can begin laying the first panel. Laminated woods are simple to click and lock into place thanks to their tongue-and-groove system. Most rooms will require you to cut your laminate in order to get the perfect fit. Laminate flooring can easily be cut with a circular saw, table saw, or a flooring cutter.

Frequently Asked Waterproof Laminate Flooring Questions:

Is there such a thing as waterproof laminate flooring?

Yes! AquaGuard Performance is a 100% waterproof laminate flooring option. No amount of water, moisture, or spills will harm these floors. With an AC-5 wear rating, these laminated woods are scratch and dent resistant, making these an excellent choice for households with pets and children.

How long does waterproof laminate flooring last?

AquaGuard laminate flooring can last around 25 years! With proper up-keep and cleaning, these floors should last quite a long time while maintaining their waterproof qualities.

Is it worth getting waterproof laminate?

Waterproof laminate is the ideal flooring option for households prone to spills such as homes with kids and pets. Additionally, it is an ideal choice for rooms prone to moisture and water such as bathrooms and laundry rooms.