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Floor & Decor has the largest selection of water-resistant floors that are made of REAL hardwood! Engineered hardwood flooring can withstand moisture from mopping, spills, and even humidity.

You can install engineered wood floors on all levels of the home—you can even install engineered wood in your basement! With the way engineered hardwood is made, the hardwood is able to adapt to various temperatures and levels of humidity.

Floor & Decor has different species of engineered hardwood, including engineered bamboo floors. Engineered bamboo flooring is a sustainable option for those looking for water-resistant floors, and they’re a fashionable choice!

Put water-resistant engineered wood flooring wherever you need flooring that holds up to spills. If you want the look of wood in a room like your kitchen, bathroom, or even your mudroom.

If you need floors that can really take the spill, engineered wood floors exclusive to Floor & Decor are water resistant for up to 30 hours! You can find bamboo floors, oak floors, and more that can handle accidents and mopping in your busy home so you can have peace of mind that your floors will sparkle no matter what happens.