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Installing a laminate, wood, or vinyl floor is a fairly easy DIY project that looks great and won’t break your budget. With the right tools, you can transform the look of a room in as little as a weekend. Floor and Decor has all of the laminate flooring tools, wood flooring tools, and vinyl flooring tools you need to get the job done right.

When placing your laminate floor, you will need laminate tools, such as a laminate cutter, to get the right length for each plank. As you are laying out your pattern you will typically use full length planks until you come closer to the edges. Here is where laminate cutting tools can help you. They are simple to use and will cut your laminate to the exact desired length. You may also want to use the laminate floor cutting tool to trim some plank lengths to mix throughout the floor pattern to add a little variety as opposed to just using short pieces on the edges of the floor.

Using a laminate cutter is fairly simple and laminate cutting tools aren’t as intimidating as a power tool. Simply mark the laminate board where you want to make the cut, place on the platform and use the lever of the laminate floor cutting tool to “snip” the plank to the length you want. It takes only a few laminate installation tools to create a beautiful floor.

If you are installing a wood floor or vinyl floor as opposed to laminate, we have the tools you need to get those projects done, too! Vinyl flooring tools are similar to laminate tools in that these tools not only cut, but help you lay and put in your floor. And, same with wood floors – we have a wide selection of wood flooring tools designed to make your project simple and beautiful.