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Maple Wood Flooring

Maple floors are considered one of the most durable and classic hardwood flooring options, possessing gorgeous natural patterns with a soft striation and graining. You can find the highest-quality and most extensive maple wood flooring selection right here at Floor & Decor, with colors ranging from white to red to dark cocoa.

Versatile Maple Flooring for Every Room

Maple hardwood flooring is a dense, durable product that looks beautiful in a range of decorating styles in your home. With differing plank sizes and colors, it meets any taste preference from traditional to contemporary. Maple flooring’s light- to medium-brown hues give a clean, refined look to your floors. Maple hardwood flooring is also easy to maintain as it doesn’t require any sealing. A good sweeping and an occasional mopping will keep a maple floor looking beautiful for years to come.

Aesthetically, maple flooring is typically creamier and lighter than a hickory or maple. It has faint mineral streaks running through it and the grain lines can vary from straight to wavy. Maple hardwood flooring is stable, yet stunning and is the perfect addition to any home.

Order Maple Wood Flooring at Unbeatable Prices

Find the best and most extensive selection of maple wood flooring, including solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, light maple floors and more, right here at Floor & Decor. Whether you're looking for white maple floors to bring a modern touch to your bathroom, or you’re looking for durable engineered maple hardwood floors to finish off your kitchen remodel, we have all of the products and installation materials you need.

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Browse our full range of maple wood flooring and place your order today with Floor & Decor.

Maple Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Is maple a good choice for flooring?

Along with oak, maple is one of the most durable hardwood options available, making it an excellent choice for flooring. It has a 1450 rating on the Janka wood hardness chart, and its density provides the resilience and durability needed for high-traffic areas. Not only can maple hardwood flooring last for centuries, maple floors are also available in a modern yet classic array of colors. It can blend with existing woodwork or offer contrast to make a room appear larger. White maple flooring is becoming a popular choice for kitchens, living spaces and bedrooms, helping rooms feel light and airy. You may also choose to go on the opposite side of the spectrum and install dark cocoa brown maple floors, providing a beautiful contrast against lighter trim or complimenting a darker interior design scheme for an added touch of warmth.

How long does maple hardwood flooring last?

Being that maple is one of the hardest hardwood flooring options available, it is a tough wood that can withstand decades of wear and tear with proper maintenance. At Floor & Decor, we offer warranties to ensure that your maple wood floors live up to the highest expectations. Our engineered maple hardwood floors come with a 25 to 35 year residential warranty, while some of our solid maple hardwood flooring options come with a 35 to 50 year residential warranty.

Which is better, oak or maple floors?

When it comes to choosing between oak hardwood floors and maple floors for your home or business, it really comes down to aesthetic preference as both materials are high-quality and extremely durable. Oak is slightly more porous, making it easier to stain and thus providing a wider range of colors to choose from. Maple offers more subtle grain patterns giving it a lighter, cleaner look. Oak provides more grain which gives it more character and variation between planks.