Glass tile has been used as early as 2500 B.C. by the Byzantine empire. Glass remained quite expensive, only available for the wealthy, until the 1920s with the Art Deco movement. With the advances in technology, glass is both a glamorous and affordable option for your home. The only problem you may have is choosing which one to use. Floor & Decor has over 275 styles of glass tile.
Fireworks! It's almost time to see those beautiful works of art that light up the sky and I can't wait! We usually have a huge gathering in our cul-de-sac where all the neighbors contribute fireworks and a dish to share. It's quite a spectacular display for a neighborhood. Of course, I love spending time outdoors in just about every season (except winter). I've pulled together some of the highlights from past posts that cover unique ways to enjoy your yard.
Ever since Memorial Day weekend, I've been seeing blue. You see, we've had gorgeous weather these last several weeks, albeit with some rain, but still it's put me in the pool mindset. I finally had a chance to go swimming this past weekend. When thinking of swimming, water, the pool and the beach, I also think about decor that reminds me of summer. Two collections that come to mind are the Dream tile collections and the Pure Glass collection from Floor & Decor.
When it comes to our kitchens and bathrooms there are so many choices to make: flooring, wall color, counter tops, appliances, backsplashes. But say you want to make a bold statement without completely going overboard. Where should that be? If you ask me, the backsplash is the area to add some pizzazz to your room.
It is funny how styles and come and go. In fashion, as well as home decor, what was once out is now in again. Such is the case with butcher block counters. While the look of stone is a beautiful for counters, butcher block adds a touch of warmth to your kitchen that you can't get with other materials.
Given that I'm the DIY Diva, not only is decor important to me, but fashion matters too. I do try to keep up with the latest fashions and am a lover of clothes / shoe shopping. It has struck me how trends seem to come in fashion and then often seep into home decor. Have you ever noticed that?