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Eye-Catching Herringbone and Chevron Tiles

The angular looks of herringbone patterns and chevron mosaics in tile are taking over and making shapes. If you want a unique pattern for your space (whether it’s big or small), look at herringbone and chevron tile.

Herringbone tile is subway tile that is laid out in the herringbone pattern. Herringbone can be seen in industrial, modern, and contemporary spaces, and even in some farmhouse designs. Make waves with glass herringbone tile, or give stone subway tile a twist by putting it in the herringbone pattern.

Chevron tile is cut diagonally in the center, so it fits together like the chevron shape. The chevron tile pattern is classic yet contemporary. Make a chevron tile backsplash in a bold kitchen, or use the chevron tile layout for an accent wall in the bathroom.

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Herringbone Tiles Frequently Asked Questions

What is herringbone tile?

Herringbone is a specific tile pattern in which rectangular tiles are laid in a chevron shape or zig-zag. The tile gets its name from its resemblance to herring fish bones.

Is herringbone tile in style in 2022?

Yes—in 2022, herringbone tile is making a comeback as homeowners seek ways to add more visual appeal and detail to their design. This classic pattern can be used in a wide variety of design styles depending on the color and materials you choose.

What is herringbone tile made out of?

At Floor & Decor, our herringbone tile selection can be found in marble, glass, porcelain, and limestone & basalt materials.