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  • Authentic wood texture with thick high density wood-base core
  • Shields against water for 24 Hours
  • Protective coating with lifetime residential and 10-year commercial warranty
HydroShield Plus

HydroShield® Plus

  • Waterproof wood-based laminate flooring that is dent resistant
  • Quick and easy to install with attached foam pad
  • Durable, Pet and kid friendly flooring with a lifetime residential and 15-year commercial warranty
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HydroShield Plus
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HydroShield Flooring for Total Water Protection

HydroShield flooring is one of the toughest flooring materials around. With its thick, high-density core and moisture-resistant coating, HydroShield laminate can resist water for up to 24 hours, and you can buy it exclusively at Floor & Decor.

Uses and Forms of HydroShield Laminate Flooring

Since it's so resistant to water and moisture, HydroShield flooring is the best option for use in rooms that often get wet or have a high risk of spills and splashes, like bathrooms and kitchens. It can provide the high levels of durability and resistance you need in these spaces.

In addition, buyers can choose from various colors and styles of HydroShield laminate flooring. You can opt for subtle, neutral tones like gray HydroShield laminate, for example, or opt for rich wood look varieties like oak and hickory, bringing warmth and elegance to any space.

Frequently Asked HydroShield Flooring Questions

How does Hydroshield flooring compare to other waterproof flooring options?

HydroShield laminate flooring is one of the best waterproof flooring options, as it can resist water for up to 24 hours.

Can Hydroshield flooring be installed in bathrooms and kitchens?

Yes, HydroShield flooring is suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to its water resistant design.

What are some popular Hydroshield flooring finishes?

Many people enjoy the rich wood looks of HydroShield laminate, like oak-style flooring to bring the beauty of wood into spaces where it normally isn't suitable, like the bathroom.

Is Hydroshield flooring easy to clean and maintain?

HydroShield flooring is super simple to wipe clean and very low-maintenance.

What is the cost of Hydroshield flooring compared to other waterproof flooring options?

HydroShield flooring is one of the best value options if you're looking for waterproof flooring for your bathroom, kitchen, or other room of the house.