Best Materials for Your Pool & Patio

By Floor & Decor

Dipping into a pool is the ultimate luxury, especially in the comfort of your own backyard. Ready to take the plunge and start your own pool project? We’ve made it simple with a breakdown of the best materials and tips to consider for your customized pool and patio.

Pool Interior

Starting with the [pool](’s interior, select a tile that showcases your style with a playful pattern, mosaic, or eye-catching stone. Apply it to the entire pool interior, including the floor, or opt for an accent along the border and benches. The key is selecting a water-resistant material that’s durable enough to maintain its look season after season. Waterproof porcelain and glass tile and water-resistant stone are great go-to materials with versatile sizes, shapes, and styles. Check out all the options that are pre-approved for your [pool interior](

Pro Tip!

Grout at the waterline will accumulate dirt and debris overtime. Go for a darker grout color to minimize the appearance between cleanings. When you’re ready to give it a scrub at the beginning of the season, Mapei Grout Refresh is the ideal solution for a quick clean around the trim.

Bird eye view of a patio with a pool

Pool Patio & Deck

Make a stylish splash on your patio with a durable [pool deck]( Whether you prefer the look and feel of natural stone or want a pop of pattern, consider matte finishes to help slip resistance. Textures are a great option, but keep in mind the feeling underfoot. Play with patterns, like basketweave, herringbone, or stacked, for a unique twist and more grout lines to add traction.

A patio with a pool in the corner

Pro Tip!

Select light-colored stone and tile for your pool deck. On hot days, your bare feet will thank you. If you want some contrast, use darker stone or tile as a border along the outer edge of the pool deck where the material meets the grass.

So, before you dive into your project, consider all the options for customization and comfort. Make the warm-weather season memorable with your own backyard oasis. Get started and [explore pools]( for more products and tips!


Every application and installation are different therefore we strongly recommend the customer consult a licensed installer/contractor to verify the conditions and application meet local requirements or industry expectations. Any installation guidelines are not intended to supersede federal, state, or local regulations which may require modifying the existing installation, materials, or structural components. The owner assumes responsibility for compliance with all building codes. This may include maintaining the required distance from heat sources such as fireplaces.