How to Refresh Your Grout

By Floor & Decor

Give your tile floors or walls new life with a simple grout refresh. Mapei Grout Refresh acts as a stain and sealer. It sets in deep within grout joints and protects your floors, erases stains, and rejuvenates the color of your grout. All you need is a free afternoon, a few supplies, and a bottle of Grout Refresh. Get started with these simple instructions.

1. Gather Materials

The first step is to gather a few simple supplies: * Mapei Grout Refresh * Small Paintbrush * Sponge * Clean Cloth

Purchase [Mapei Grout Refresh]( in the color of your choice at your local Floor & Decor or online. We carry a range of colors, so you can completely change your look or give new life to the original color.

2. Clean the Area

The next step is to clean your tile. Vacuum, sweep, or dust the area first to pick up any debris. After the area is free of dirt and dust, ensure the tile and grout are free of any chemicals by wiping the area with a sponge and warm water. Refrain from using cleaning solutions. If there is any extra moisture, dry with a microfiber towel.

3. Apply Grout Refresh

Once your floor is clean and completely dry, it’s time to apply the Grout Refresh. Shake the bottle and gently squeeze it along the grout joints.

4. Brush the Stain Evenly

After the Grout Refresh is applied to the joints, take a small paint brush to evenly spread it along the seams. Depending on how much area you’re covering, you can do this while applying the Grout Refresh or directly after you’ve applied.

5. Wipe excess grout refresh

Check that the Grout Refresh is evenly applied to the desired area. Then, take your clean cloth and gently wipe away any excess product that is on the surface of the tile. After wiping away the excess, let it stand for 30-60 minutes.

6. Mist with Water

Fill a small spray bottle with water, and mist the areas Grout Refresh was applied. Let it sit for five minutes before gently wiping the grout with a clean cloth to remove the excess product.

7. Let it Set

Once the excess Grout Refresh is removed, the final step is to wait and let it set. Avoid any foot traffic for at least 2 hours, and avoid getting the area wet for at least 24 hours.

[A grout refresh]( is such a simple and inexpensive way to enhance your floors or walls. Give extra life to your tile, and get started on your tile transformation today.