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Tile & Stone Finishes

When starting your project, it’s always important to determine the finish of your tile or stone product. The finish you choose can vary from each tile and stone product but can also be decided upon by your personal style.

Samba Black Slate Tile 10009424


A honed finish has a velvet smooth surface finish with a natural, muted look. A honed tile will generally have a flatter matte finish, which is less likely to scratch and works better in wet environments than a traditional polished finish.

Ocean White


Polished tiles have a smooth and shiny finish that looks great on both floors and walls. Polishing brings out the brilliance of color and breadth of stone veining. It’s important to consider where placing polished finished stone or tile as it could become slippery in areas susceptible to water.



A brushed surface has a soft, worn texture. It can create the effect of natural aging and is more resilient to scratches and marks. It maintains the feel of a natural finish but is uniquely crafted using specialized brushes and techniques.



Textured finished stone is great for back splashes, fireplaces, and outdoor spaces. It’s a striking option for adding texture to any focal point. The textured finish gives a three-dimensional look like brick or a stacked stone.

Pebblino Mosaici Ice Blue Pebblestone Mosaic


As the name implies, tumbled stone tiles are physically tumbled in an enclosure along with small stones to give the piece a smoothed finish that often has slightly chipped and rounded corners and edges. All tumbled tiles will have a soft, smooth and worn look to them.

Design Consultation

The type of finish you choose often comes down to personal preference. All tile and stone have a variety of finishes and recommended areas of installation. Be sure to check out one of our DIY classes at your Floor & Decor and to also get all of the installation tools and accessories you’ll need to finish the job.