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Trend Alert: New Outdoor Looks

Whether it’s the front entrance to your house or your back patio, your outdoor space should feature a design that suits your style, with natural-looking materials that complement the outdoor setting and can withstand the elements. Whether you’re looking to update a patio, create some curb appeal, or even renovate your pool space, here are some looks to keep in mind.

Slate-look Style

Slate, which was most often used in classic styles decades ago, is now showing up in the modern style. It’s sleek appearance and cooler colors are perfect for the chic and minimalist look on which the modern style is based, and it can be found in either small mosaic or large format tile. This Montalcino Genus Black Hammered Porcelain Tile has the slate-look appearance that lays the foundation for this modern urban loft patio, visually widening the space and creating a canvas for the show-stealing neutral tones.

Classic Curb Appeal

Traditional-style front entrances are as inviting as they are timeless, especially when they feature a stone walkway. For a more dramatic appearance, you can enhance the walkway by adding stone to the outdoor walls—this will create visual structure and complete the classic look all in one!

As classic as they are, genuine stone walkways can be difficult to maintain! So, use stone-look tile to your advantage to get the same look! Deva Gris Porcelain Tile features a variation of colors and sharp details that perfectly mimic natural stone, all with the easy upkeep of tile (you won’t need to pull the weeds in the cracks of or worry about mildew between each stone).

Poolside Planks

The look of wood always creates a natural ambience in any type of space, whether it’s indoors or out. Natural wood, however, is limited to interior design because it isn’t entirely waterproof—so forget about putting it by the pool! But now, thanks to wood-look porcelain tile that’s naturally waterproof, we’re seeing more of the natural look in exterior designs.

Since wood fits into almost any look, you can use it for anything from a classic to a modern style, or a contemporary space like this pool-side lounge area with Frenchwood Larch Wood Plank Porcelain Tile. If swimmers track water from the pool to their lounge chairs, there’s nothing to worry about—the water slides right off.

Structured Side Walls

When transitioning an outdoor area from a plain space to a part of the home, use textured ledger to your advantage. With its timeless appearance and natural feel, stone ledger can make the space seem more like a natural part of the outdoors instead of just an outside wall of the home.

A stone ledger wall can be put anywhere, whether it’s in a gardening nook with a potting table or off the side of an outdoor dining spot, like this wall that features Rock Ridge Philadelphia Travertine Panel Ledger and serves as a backdrop to an industrial-style serving table.

Want to find more ways to enhance your outdoor space? A design expert at your local Floor & Decor can help! All you need to do to use the free design services is book a design appointment. If you need a bit more inspiration before you start your project, you can always find more looks by style, room, and trend in our Inspiration Center.