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Granite Flooring for Any Room

Granite tiles are attractive, durable and versatile, and come in many colors and styles. They are ideal for decorating in a rustic-themed room and are resistant to stains and moisture. Granite tiles are perfect for foyers and throughout your home.

Turn to Granite Tile for the Ultimate in Style, Function and Strength

Granite tiles are attractive, durable and versatile, and come in many colors and styles. They are resistant to stains and moisture, so can be used in a number of rooms.

Granite's Impressive Track Record

Builders and decorators have relied on the beauty, strength and quality of fine granite for centuries. And its popularity in residential homes and businesses has grown in the past decade. From ancient Egyptian pyramids to modern commercial flooring, structures featuring granite are breathtakingly beautiful and nearly indestructible.

Its density and durability make granite highly resistant to damage and signs of wear because it contains the minerals quartz, mica and feldspar. Dispersed throughout the stone, they lend a sparkling, crystalline appearance under natural and artificial light.

Polished granite tiles are an elegant and practical choice for fireplaces, basements, hallways, foyers and kitchen and bathroom floors or backsplashes.

The Benefits of Granite Tile

  • Exceptional Durability and Resiliency: Granite tile is tough and stain-resistant.
  • Heat-Resistant: Tiles withstand high temperatures without sustaining damage.
  • Unique Patterns: Every tile is different and features distinctive mottling, iridescent flecks or veining.
  • Neutral Shades: Granite tiles are available in natural, neutral hues that fit virtually any color scheme.
  • Resists Wear: Tiles resist scratches, chips and damage from high traffic exposure.
  • Acid-Resistant: Tiles are not harmed by most acidic foods or liquids.
  • Antibacterial Surface: Tiles are less likely to harbor bacteria.
  • Increases Home Value: Natural stone boosts both aesthetic appeal and market value.
  • Cost-Effective: For kitchen counters, these tiles are less expensive and easier to install than granite slabs.
  • Life-Long Shine: With proper care, the polished surface remains intact for the life of the tile.
  • Easy Maintenance: Tiles can be cleaned with a damp sponge and mild detergent. Periodic sealing is required.

Frequently Asked Granite Tile Questions:

Are granite tiles good?

Granite is an exceptionally durable material, making them an ideal tile choice for high traffic areas. They are simple and easy to clean and only require periodic sealing.

How long will granite flooring last?

With periodic sealing and proper cleaning regiments, granite flooring can last a lifetime. To put it into years, granite flooring can easily last more than 75-100 years.

Is granite good for bathroom floor?

Granite’s durability, waterproofness, and resistance to scratches and chips makes it a perfect choice for bathroom flooring. Granite, much like other natural stone options, has the added benefit of retaining heat very well. This makes it an excellent option if you have underfloor heating.