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For a polished and elevated design on your floor look no further than high-gloss laminate. High-gloss laminate flooring is a beautiful, elegant, and looks like it came right out of a design magazine. High-gloss laminate is ideal for a home or commercial space with minimal or high foot traffic. Most varieties can even be installed on the wall. This flooring is durable, oftentimes waterproof, and easy to install and clean. To keep high-gloss laminate looking its best, just use a wet or steam mop to restore its glossy shine.

High-gloss laminate flooring is available in light colors, dark colors and everything in between. For a minimalist and modern look, consider picking a high-gloss laminate in white or light grey. For a traditional look, choose from cherry, oak, or pecan colors. Or, for a bold and commanding room, consider dark espresso or black flooring.

Whichever color you favor, there is also a plank size to suit both your taste and wallet. High-gloss laminate boards come in both thin and wide-with varieties. They also typically range from 8mm to 12mm thick making them some of the highest-quality boards you can get. High-gloss laminate flooring utilizes a locking system for installation and can be put in both above and below grade.