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Maximo™ Durable Thin Tile Now you can have a brand new look without the wear and tear of demolition with our latest innovation in tile. Exclusive to Floor & Decor, Maximo™ Durable Thin Tile is the perfect flooring solution if you’re looking to save time and mess. It can be installed over existing floor & wall tile as well as subfloors, which eliminates the need for demolition. Like traditional tile, Maximo™ is durable, waterproof, and scratch & stain resistant. Plus, it can be installed in any room in your home.

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Beautiful Thin Tile!

Exclusive to Floor & Decor, MAXIMO® Thin Tile is a tile flooring that’s cost-effective, easy to install, and durable. Available in stone-look, wood-look, polished and contemporary styles, this thin tile can go anywhere, from the kitchen and bathroom to mudrooms and basements. It is not only versatile in look, but also installation. MAXIMO® thin tiles can be installed on floors, walls, shower, and even in outdoor spaces! This tile comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes! Choose from white, black, green, blue, beige, or even multicolor. With polished, high gloss, or matte finishes, the possibilities are endless! Explore the collection now and discover the perfect fit for any aesthetic.

Easy Thin Tile Installation

MAXIMO® tiling is easily installed over existing tile. This will save you time and money by cutting out the demolition step. This beautiful tile can also be placed over existing wood or concrete subfloor. MAXIMO® tile is extra light, thin, durable, eco-friendly, stain and scratch resistant, and will last for many years to come.

Thin as Can Be!

MAXIMO® tile has a thickness of 7mm compared to the average 1/2inch to 1/3inch tile thickness of standard tile. Due to its incredible thinness, these are an excellent option for remodeling any room with existing tile as these can be installed directly on top. No need to worry about the wear and tear of demolition. Don’t worry! Although these tiles may be thinner than traditional tile, they remain just as durable, waterproof, and scratch & stain resistant.

Frequently Asked MAXIMO Tile Questions:

Is a thicker or thinner tile better?

While MAXIMO tile is very durable to cracks, scratches, and chips, a thicker tile will provide more durability. However, when installed over top existing tile, the difference is negligible.

Where is Maximo tile manufactured?

Maximo tile comes from Italy. Long known as the home of tile design, Italian designers are the industry leaders.