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Sentinel® covers all your installation needs for tile, wood and stone, including tile cutters and blades. Manual tile cutters are available in sizes suitable for your project for your job; Sentinel’s® selection of tile blades include glass blades, diamond blades and scoring wheels.

Sentinel™ underlayment has superior sound reduction, moisture protection and anti-crush cushioning for a comfortable underfoot, available in polyethylene, cork, and other effective materials. There are eco-friendly underlayment options that meet the standards of environmentally-friendly households so you can build a greener house. Sentinel™ also has quiet underlayment options that meet specific housing needs, like condos with occupants that live underneath the unit undergoing renovations. The superior sound reduction provides through-the-floor and foot-fall noise reduction that exceeds requirements of Uniform Building Codes Standards.*

Want warmer floors? Sentinel™ has thermalayer underlayment that can be installed with radiant heat flooring systems.

*Check your HOA specifications to ensure proper usage.