What kind of stone gives the rustic charm that we associate with a quaint European village? Natural stone like travertine and even slate tile lends itself to the rustic appearance. While slate can be a bit tricky to walk on indoors (it has layers that heels or other shoes could get caught on), travertine doesn’t.
Wait? It's already Memorial Day? The kick off to the summer season? Where has this year gone, right? I couldn't be more excited, after all, it has been a long cold winter, at least by this southerners' standards. What's that? Your patio isn't ready for entertaining? Nonsense. Floor & Decor can get you ready in a jiffy.
Well, I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy and memorable one and that you got to see your loved ones. Between cooking and catching up with friends who were in town for the not-long-enough holiday weekend, I feel pretty exhausted. BUT, I have been spending some time perusing the interwebs for DIY designs. And you know what I keep seeing consistently? The use of ledger panels all over.
That title sounds a like a diamond commercial, doesn't it - "past, present and future"? Well, it is fitting. Carrara marble is somewhat of a precious stone - regal and elegant. And it certainly is something you commit to when purchasing. Last week I wrote about the pros and cons of installing marble to help educate buyers on whether or not is the right choice for them. This week I'm discussing the history of Cararra and what the future holds for this beautiful marble.
Marble is a beautiful creation, don't you think? There's a regal European look to it. However, if you ask any contractor or home builder, they almost certainly do everything they can to dissuade you from installing it on your floors and counters. Some even refuse to sell or install it for you. Why? Marble can stain and can scuff (if you are like me and walk on it in stilettos).
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1. Stone increases the value of your home for resale. How much better will your home look with stone like travertine or granite vs. linoleum or laminate counters? You can easily make your kitchens and bathrooms look a thousand times better with stone.
Living in the south, we are lucky to have more warm days than cool ones. So we definitely take full advantage of patios and outdoor spaces whether that means soaking up the sun in the backyard, grilling out on the deck or sipping on a cool drink on the front porch. But I have to tell you, even if I lived in a colder region of the country, I'd be getting as much patio time as I could. So here are some products to help you liven up your outdoor space.
Spring is here and just about every homeowner is ready to get out on to their patios and take full advantage of optimum outdoor weather. Is your patio ready for spring and summer fun? If not, we can help you get it in shape quickly with our vast selection of Slate tile. Slate tile is an excellent and versatile material for outdoor projects. It's popular because you can do so many different projects with it - patios, BBQ's, pathways, fireplaces, or pool surroundings.