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Grout and Tile Cleaning and Sealing Solutions

For many stone tiles and a few other types of tiles, you may need a tile sealer. Tile sealer is designed to keep moisture from penetrating the stone or tile and ensures that your floor will look its best with proper maintenance for years to come. These work great as a shower tile cleaner or shower grout cleaner.

A grout sealer does just that, it seals the grout ensuring that water doesn’t penetrate the spaces between your tiles. Grout cleaner, however, helps clean grout that is looking dingy or stained.

A tile sealant or floor tile sealant keeps the tile safe from stains or excess moisture if it is porous. Floor tile sealant isn’t necessary for all floor types so be sure to check your tile to learn whether it needs sealing or not. Tile cleaner, on the other hand, helps you keep your tile looking fresh and new, as keeping it clean will help prolong the lifespan of your floor.

Whether finishing up a new floor or performing maintenance on an existing tile floor, we have a variety of tile sealers or grout sealers to suit your needs. And to keep your tile floor clean, check out our selection of tile cleaners and grout cleaners. Floor and Decor has a great selection to meet your needs.

Clean Grout Throughout Your Home

Use our tile and grout cleaners to clean all throughout your home. Our products work on shower tile and grout, floor tile and grout, or other tile and grout that you may have. Our shower grout cleaner and shower tile cleaner provide excellent protection and cleaning capabilities to ensure the longevity of your shower.