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Vinyl flooring comes in a few different installation varieties as well as a multitude of colors, looks and styles. It can be installed as sheets, tiles, or planks and mimic the look of wood and stone or tile. Vinyl is relatively easy to install yourself though, it will take a few vinyl installation tools.

Most vinyl requires an adhesive when installing or it is designed as a floating installation. Some vinyl comes as peel and stick or with the adhesive already attached. For vinyl flooring without adhesive and/or for a floating install, you will need vinyl adhesive and a few vinyl installation tools. These tools could include:

  • a saw or VCT cutter
  • an air compressor
  • a sander and sanding discs
  • a rubber mallet

If your floor surface is rough or uneven, you may need to sand it down. Or, you may need a rubber mallet to gently tap pieces into place.

Even though some vinyl installation tools are needed, don’t let that hold you back from putting vinyl flooring in. It is actually one of the easier flooring installs. Vinyl is perfect for residential and commercial spaces. It stands up to foot traffic, wheels, and pets. With minimal maintenance it will look great for years.