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Stone Wall Tile

No matter your interior design style, installing stone wall tile can add a touch of natural beauty to any room. Whether you’re looking to install a marble ledger panel backsplash to add depth to your kitchen or pebble mosaic tiles to bring a touch of nature to your shower, look no further. With a wide variety of stone to choose from along with the highest quality installation materials on the market, Floor & Decor has everything you need to make your dream home a reality.

Natural wall stone tile boasts many advantages, including breezy maintenance and endless variety. Stone wall tiles are easy to clean and often only need periodic sealing to look good for years. Plus, they can be used to make your home as calming or as vibrant as you wish for you and your family. You can choose a decorative wall tile with a tumbled and textured look or a high polished smooth feel. Tumbled stone wall tile and rock wall tile are easy ways to bring the look of the outdoors into your home and make a statement. A decorative stone wall out of either is a great addition to a bathroom or kitchen. Their durability and moisture resistance make them perfect for high traffic rooms and even entryways.

Types of Stone Wall Tiles

At Floor & Decor, you’ll find that our interior stone wall tiles come in a variety of colors and textures, from warm browns to sleek blacks, smooth mosaics to rugged stone ledger. Here are just a few of the different types of stone wall tiles we offer:

  • Stone Ledger
  • Marble and Pebble Mosaics
  • Stacked Stone
  • Travertine and Limestone Wall Tile
  • Brick
  • Peel & Stick Wall Tile

Explore our selection of natural stone wall tiles and mix any of our styles, sizes, colors and textures. We carry a large selection of tumbled stone wall tile and polished stone tiles as well.

Order Stone Wall Tile for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Living Spaces

Find the best and most extensive selection of stone wall tiles, including stone ledger, mosaics, and more, right here at Floor & Decor. Whether you're looking for marble mosaics to bring a modern touch to your bathroom, or you’re looking for nature-inspired rock tile walls to finish off your kitchen remodel, we have all of the products and installation materials you need.

  • The widest selection of stone wall tiles, always available and ready to be shipped
  • Highest quality travertine, marble and more for maximum durability
  • Dozens of colors, materials, and patterns to choose from
  • The best prices on every product
  • Quality customer care and trusted shipping and returns policies

Browse our full range of stone and rock wall tile and place your order today with Floor & Decor.

Stone Wall Tile Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install stone tile on a wall?

When it comes to installing stone tile on your walls, the exact process may vary depending on the location and type of stone, whether it be ledger panels, mosaic, brick, slate, or peel and stick. In general, however, you will a few simple steps:

  1. Install tile backer: If you are installing tile in an area that is frequently exposed to running water, such as in a shower or bathtub, you’ll need to start by installing a waterproof tile backing board. Backer board may also be required for heavier wall tiles such as stone ledger. That said, a backer board is not required for all wall tile—for example, marble tile backsplash may be installed directly over standard drywall.
  2. Measure and dry lay the tile: This is an important stone wall tile installation step for ensuring a perfect fit. You will want to measure your stone and dry lay the tile to see how it will fit in the wall, then make a level chalk line on the wall where the first piece will be placed. Horseshoe spaces can help ensure the ledgers, slates or tile are level.
  3. Mix the mortar: After reading all instructions, mix the proper ratio of mortar and water together in a bucket. As a tip, it’s standard to use white mortar for light-colored stone, as dark mortars can darken the stone.
  4. Install stone wall tile or ledger: Damp sponge the backer board and tile to ensure that the mortar will adhere to the surface, then spread mortar over an area that you can tile in about 15 minutes or so. If the mud dries over before you can install tile over it, simply scrape it off and put a fresh coat on. You’ll also use the notched side of a trowel to back-butter each tile or ledger piece. Begin at the bottom of the wall, gently tapping with a mallet after each placement, using spacers where needed.
  5. Grout: Grout won’t be needed if you are installing stone ledger panels. However, If you are installing tile, your wall will be ready to grout after at least a day. Pull out spacers and clean off any mortar residue on tile faces. Mix grout according to the directions and work it into the grout joints with a float, packing the joints full. Stop every 15 minutes or so to clean grout off the surface of the tile, being careful not to wipe the grout from the joints.
  6. Seal: Apply a tile sealer directly on the wall and allow it to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Caulk: If you are installing tile in a shower, tub, or other area with frequent water exposure, then you will want to seal tile edges and corners with caulk.

For more information about installing stone ledger, visit our article F&D Start to Finish: How to Install Stone Ledger on a Wall.