How to Create a Marble Bathroom on a Budget

By Floor & Decor

[Marble bathrooms]( are timeless, elegant, and (believe it or not) attainable on any budget with savvy planning. Before you start your remodel, pinpointing the role marble will play in your space will help optimize your budget for showstopping impact and savings. Here are three ways to save with stunning results.

1. Balance Functionality & Focal Points

To conserve costs, identify the essential elements of your space and add a touch of marble to enhance focal points. For example, a new [vanity]( with a [marble top]( or a [marble mosaic ]( niche adds a splash of marble with high visibility. As your budget allows, you can elevate the space further with a [marble shower floor]( or accent wall to conserve the cost per square foot.

2. Mix Porcelain Tile & Marble Materials

Pairing [natural marble]( with [marble-look tile]( or [porcelain]( and [ceramic]( tile is a cost-effective way to create a luxury look. The impact of a floor-to-ceiling marble bathroom can still be achieved with a mix of natural marble mosaics and [large format marble-look tile]( Even low-cost [subway tile]( on the shower wall pairs expertly with a natural marble mosaic on the shower floor.

3. Explore Different Marble Collections

Different marble types come at different price points without compromising quality. From looks that are [beyond basic]( to [ultra-luxe](, there is a range to choose from to suit your budget.

There’s no denying [marble]( is the ultimate luxury and adds effortless style to any bathroom remodel. Now, you don’t have to forfeit your dream bathroom for the sake of your budget. You can have it all with our three planning tips as your guide.

Photo: @bramblewood_cottage