Get Inspired with Gold Accent Tile

By Floor & Decor

Gold accent tile adds a finishing touch to any space. It's a color that complements almost any design element in your home, and it's versatile enough to work with any home style. Browse through these inspirational pictures to get ideas and discover ways to incorporate gold accent tiles into your home.

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Gold Backsplash

Gold accents in your [kitchen backsplash]( look best when they're kept subtle. This makes for a modern, clean look that exudes elegance and a bit of luxury. Complement your gold-accented backsplash with gold-colored hardware for the ultimate high-end look.

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White & Gold Tile

Add an element of timeless class to your kitchens and washrooms or frame your fireplace with gold and white tiles. White is the ideal complement to gold. It makes the gold parts of your tile design pop while remaining neutral, allowing you to decorate the rest of your home with the colors and styles you wish.

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Gold Grout

Use gold-colored grout to make your tile stand out, and add other black, white, and gold elements throughout your kitchen for a look that screams modern elegance. If you prefer more [traditional grout colors](, choose a tile outlined with gold detailing, like the backsplash in this kitchen, for a look that pops a little bit more.

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Gold Bathroom Tile

Gold accent tile isn't just for the kitchen. Give your bathroom the ultimate facelift with [ceramic tile]( that features gold details. This classic look withstands the test of time while paying homage to traditional design elements.

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Gold Mosaics

Mosaics are a great way to incorporate a more unique, exciting look while playing with the classic gold-accented tile. [Mosaic tiles ]( patterns similar to those seen on wallpaper, making them an excellent alternative for accent walls. Best of all, mosaics are versatile, so they look great in every room of your home.

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Make your kitchen, bathroom, or living space shine with gold accent tile. Gold elements transform your home with an air of elegance and luxury. The options for creating the design of your dreams are endless.

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