Grout Buying Guide

By Floor & Decor

Grout lays the foundation for your tile – literally! With several grout types and colors to choose from, we’ve provided key considerations for selecting the best grout for your tile projects: ease of use, application, and joint size, or the space between tiles. This buying guide takes you through our types of grout offerings and shares tips for deciding on the best one for your space, including color theory insight to help you decide between complementary and contrasting colors.

Pre-Mixed Grout

If you prefer grout that’s ready to use right out the container, pre-mixed grout is the perfect option. Suitable for porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass, and polished applications, [pre-mixed grout]( allows for quicker installation times, while also being color-consistent, and crack-resistant. Sealing isn’t required, and a joint size minimum of one-sixteenth of an inch is suggested for use.

Hybrid (High-Performance) Grout

[Hybrid grout](, also known as high-performance grout, is mixed with water before installation and recommended for porcelain, ceramic, stone, glass, and polished applications. Hybrid is used for joint sizes ranging from one-sixteenth to three-fourths of an inch and doesn’t require sealing.

Traditional Grout

If you prefer to mix your own grout, we carry [sanded]( and [unsanded]( traditional grout options. For joint sizes larger than one-eighth of an inch, use sanded grout. For joint sizes smaller than one-eighth of an inch, use unsanded. Both traditional grout types require sealing, which we carry in store and online.

Grout Color

Once you’ve selected the type of grout for your project, it’s time to consider the grout’s [color]( Based on the design of your room, grout colors can further enhance its look and feel by being complementary or contrasting in color.

Complementary & Contrasting Grout Colors

Complementary grout colors closely match or appear neutral and blend with your tile for cohesive, harmonious looks. Contrasting grout colors stand out from tile, bringing drama and making visual statements in any room’s look.

Specialty Grout

If you’re looking for colors more specific to your room’s style, we carry specialty grouts in modern colors – even glitter – that don’t require sealing and are easy to clean.

Our robust in-stock selections of grout, from Mapei to Laticrete, make completing your tile projects convenient and affordable from start to finish. To learn more about the grouts we carry, visit your local Floor & Decor, or schedule a free appointment with [Design Services]( for expert advice on choosing the best grout for your tile project.