How to Care for Butcher Block Countertops

By Floor & Decor

Butcher block countertops add warmth and functional style to the kitchen. Caring for butcher block is simple with these easy steps.

1. Clean Daily

Use a combination of warm water and gentle dish soap to slow the buildup of grime.  Scrub against the wood grain for a deep clean, and rinse the countertop with a clean, wet washcloth or sponge. Be careful never to saturate the butcher block with water and dry thoroughly with a soft dish towel.

2. Deep Clean With Vinegar

For deeper cleaning, use a dishcloth to apply white vinegar. Let the vinegar stand for 15 minutes to work its natural antibacterial magic, then rinse with a clean, wet washcloth or sponge. As always, dry thoroughly.

3. Condition Regularly

The general rule of thumb for determining how often to condition butcher block is to oil more frequently upon purchase. It’s recommended to condition weekly for the first couple of months. Then, only condition once a month for the lifetime of the wood. The block should be oiled whenever the wood starts to look dry and chalky. This step is simple with Floor & Decor’s [wood conditioners]( made from food-grade oils and natural waxes.

4. How to Apply Conditioner

Before applying your first application of oil and wax, lightly sand the countertop. This step removes any caked-on debris and makes the surface more penetrable for the oil. Oil not only revives tired wood, but it also repels future stains. Meanwhile, beeswax conditions and fills in surface textures and nicks. Use a dry cloth for all conditioner applications and consult the package instructions for directions on the frequency of use.

Enjoy Butcher Block Year After Year

With proper care, butcher block ages well with your home. It offers charm and character to a kitchen — nicely offsetting modern appliances. If you’re already enjoying your butcher block countertops, stay stocked on conditioning products and cleaning supplies by shopping for [wood cleaners]( online and in-store. If you’re considering installing butcher block countertops in your kitchen, explore [wood countertops]( online and in-store for ready-to-install pricing and selection.