How To Plan Your Kitchen Remodel Step-By-Step

By Floor & Decor

You’ve heard the phrase “don’t put the cart before the horse”. One misstep in the order of your kitchen remodel could lead to time and money lost. Here’s the Floor & Decor guide to planning your kitchen remodel efficiently from start to finish.

1. Budget

Creating a budget is an essential part of the planning process. Minimize costly surprises and include everything from the cost of labor, hardware and materials in your budget. Aside from appliances, cabinetry is often the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel. Start with the non-negotiable and costliest elements, then make your other selections. For budget planning help, [schedule a free Design Services appointment]( with one of our experts.

2. Remodel Timeline

Delivery dates dictate timelines. When shopping for materials, keep shipping times in mind and add a cushion to the calendar. Delays are inevitable. To shorten your timeline, shop the largest in-stock selection of tile, wood, and stone through our [kitchens page]( and head to your [nearest store]( to take your product home the same day.

3. Demolition

After planning is over, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Remove all old materials and debris from the kitchen and start demolition. Completing demolition first prevents damage to new products or appliances you’re installing.

Pro Tip!

Pro tip! Order new appliances to arrive before your cabinetry and countertops are measured for a precise fit.

4. Professional Inspection

Electrical wiring and pipes are most accessible to experts after demolition. Get an inspection to ensure the unseen mechanics are in tip-top shape so you don’t face surprises like unexpected water damage to your new flooring.

Pro Tip!

Remove outlets from your backsplash and under-mount them to your kitchen cabinetry. This step creates a seamless backsplash design and eliminates the need to cut tile around outlet covers.

5. Paint Walls & Cabinetry

Next, paint your kitchen walls so you don’t have to navigate around appliances, tile and trim. No drop cloth is needed if your new flooring isn't installed yet. Remember, you can spare yourself the time and skip painting the backsplash area. It will be covered by the finished product.

Pro Tip!

Cut costs and consider refinishing your kitchen cabinetry instead of replacing and update with fresh hardware.

6. Install Kitchen Floors

Shop for all flooring types, including [installation materials](, under one roof at Floor & Decor. Give careful time and attention to your [flooring underlayment]( installation before placing the finished pieces. Check out [performance flooring]( options that are DIY-friendly with locking technology.

7. New Cabinetry

If you’re installing new cabinetry, wait until the flooring is installed to ensure the ground is level. If you’re simply refinishing existing cabinets, complete this project when you paint your walls. Note, you’ll need your new appliances onsite for proper cabinet and countertop measurements.

8. Install Kitchen Countertops

At this point in the renovation, the structure of your cabinetry is well-fitted and can uphold the beauty and weight of the natural stone or durable material you’ve chosen. Check out the Floor & Decor [Custom Countertops page]( to learn more about preparing for the custom countertop installation.

9. Install Kitchen Backsplash

Installing the [kitchen backsplash]( after the countertops gives you the flexibility to make design adjustments. You’ll also be able to precisely apply [grout and sealer]( where the tile meets the countertop. When selecting your material, consider the installation pattern and choose a style to complement your countertop tones, whether warm or cool.

10. Add Appliances & Hardware

If you choose to keep your existing appliances, now you can carefully put them back into place or bring in your shiny new purchases. Add final touches like hardware and fixtures. Install these elements as the last step to protect them from accidental damage, dust or paint.

Of course, the most challenging step of any project is getting started. Floor & Decor is here to help make your kitchen renovation easier. [Schedule a free Design Services appointment]( for expert help in pairing countertop, backsplash and flooring products with your paint swatches and style. Let’s cook up a design you’ll love year after year!