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The Best Hexagon Tile at the Lowest Prices

Hexagon tiles stand out for their distinctive shape, offering something different when compared to typical square or rectangular tiles. If you're planning to add some hexagon tiles to your home, you can find a huge range of options in the Floor & Decor collection.

Uses and Forms of Hexagon Floor Tiles

Hexagon floor tiles have a wide range of uses and can be installed almost anywhere around the home. They can work well in spaces like the bathroom, adding elegance and class, but also work well in hallways, kitchens, and other rooms.

In terms of forms and colors, it's possible to choose from a vast and varied selection of hexagon tile flooring. There are simple black and white hexagon tiles for a minimalistic look, patterned tiles for decoration, and marble or stone-look tiles for the most impressive aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Hexagon Tile Questions

What are the benefits of hexagon tile?

One of the main benefits of hexagon tile flooring is its attractive shape. The unique angles and lines made by hexagon tiles create a beautiful pattern, and many people feel that floors with hexagon tile look less harsh than those with simple squares or rectangles.

Can hexagon tile be used for shower walls and floors?

It's possible to use hexagon tile for the walls and floors of a shower space, as long as you choose a tile material which is resistant to water and can cope with the conditions of a shower.

What is the installation process for hexagon tile?

The installation process for hexagon tiles is just like any other tile, but more care needs to be taken with the layout and spacing of each tile to ensure that they all line up correctly and run parallel with the walls.